Building Trust

Building TrustBuilding Trust is the first step any small business should aim for. Many small business owners try to get clients by spending a lot of money on small newspaper ads without getting much ROI. (Return On Investment) If you fall within this category it might be worth your while building a website. (Or having it built for you)

A clear advantage to having a website to advertise your business is that your clients can refer their friends to your website. A business site helps introduce your products or services to your target audience in a manner that makes the potential client feel “safe”.

Why Safe? Simple, the prospective client doesn’t feel as if he’s dealing with a pushy sales person that’s constantly pushing him or her to buy a product or service. This lowers the defence of those that visit your website, and help you develop a reputation and relationship with your prospective clients.

Having worked in the telemarketing industry I can talk from experience about how guarded people become when faced with a sales call or even dealing with sales people. Building Trust in such a situation is often hopeless. Just think of situations you’ve personally been involved in where you had to deal with sales people…

A simple contact form on your website will let your potential customer ask questions and receive an answer from you without feeling obligated to buy and this helps build trust.

Trust is an important ally in any business. Without clients’ trust you don’t have a business, it’s as simple as that. Trust motivates a visitor to your site to contact you for more information. Giving a little free advice goes a long way to helping you gain that trust.

A well designed website also influences longevity for your business. A visitor might be looking for a local business or service for just what you are offering, but may not be ready to buy yet. However he or she may decide to bookmark your page and come back to you later when ready to buy.

If you have developed a strong brand based around originality, trust and quality, that customer is likely to remember you and return to your website time and time again.

In many ways, building an online brand is the most control you will ever have in regards to your customer base. With a solid brand, you can cover more ground in less time than even the most widespread marketing campaign.

People need to trust you, and in order to set the wheels in motion; you need to develop a unique brand on a solid platform.

It’s likely that you already have a product or service, and maybe you’re excited about introducing it to the world. You want people to associate your online presence with positive influences, once that’s accomplished; your online brand will become one of your most valuable assets.

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