Local SEO Services

Are your web pages generating enough visitors to your offer, business or service? If not, our Local SEO Service Pages can help you make it to the top of the search engines. It’s a fact that people are turning more and more to the internet when searching for a solution to their problems. It’s also a known fact that around 70% of searches on the internet are for local services and/or businesses.

It’s also a fact that people are generally lazy. So of course the higher your pages appear in the search results, the better your chances of attracting new business.

Local SEO Services

Just think about this for a second… When you need a plumber; what do you do? If you needed legal assistance; where would you turn to first? If you needed a printing service for your business where would you go? People simply don’t use the yellow pages or directories the way they used to anymore. They simply go on the net and find the information they need.

You may be the very best local service or business in your industry, but if your pages don’t show up on the front page of Google who do you think they’ll contact? People by nature take the path of least resistance. And what’s easier than doing a search in Google and clicking on one of the first 10 results?

We get you traffic through High Quality OPO (ON Page Optimization), and by maximizing specially crafted landing pages on your website. These pages will target hunderds and sometimes even thousands of keywords people type into Google when they’re searching for a business like yours.

Contact me via email at info ( at ) webdesigncroydon.org or drop me a line via my Contacts Page and I’ll be glad to do an analysis of your site of it’s just little things that can have a big impact. After that, it’s up to you. Do you want to get more clients, leads or customers for your business?