Rent A Site

Rent A Site

Our Rent A Site facility are geo-targeted sites tailored for business owners offering a local service and our clients who wish to have an already existing site pulling in additional visitors. Website rentals are nothing new, but we go one step beyond…Rent A Site

As a business owner you may not always have the time or inclination to be “messing about” with domain name registrations, web hosting and domain-name-email set-ups in cPanel. This is completely understandable. You’re a business person and not a “techie”.

For those of you who feel that way, we offer a solution. You can rent a website from us starting from £9.97 a month.

How Our Rent A Site Domains Help You

Our Rent A Site domain names are targeted to local areas. What this means for you, is that the domain names or URL’s (ex. – are easier to rank in the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! When your potential clients are searching for YOUR business or service on the internet your business or service has a better chance of coming up on top of the search results.

Another reason we use this specific format is because if everything else was the same for 2 separate domain names (ex. and www.sevice& the later would show up higher in search results when a visitor searches for your service in that area.

When people search for a local business or service on the internet, they often tend to type in the “keyword” first and the city name second as a start and if they don’t find what they’re looking for they may expand their search. By having your domain name match their search query in the first place you stand a better chance of them finding you before your competition. This is where local seo services can make a big difference.

A third reason for matching “keyword+local area” in a domain name is that this type of search tends to convert well. What this means to you is that people performing these types of searches are usually looking for precisely what you have to offer.

Ask yourself this question; If people are searching for a specific service or offer, located in a specific area of the country, how likely are they to buy that service? Think about it, even if they were just researching “options, possibilities and pricing”, they still have “buying” at the back of their minds.

If your service or offer is appealing enough, there is nothing to stop your visitor from choosing your offer, business or service above other available options.

Rent A Site Success

The key for this type of success is to come out on the front page in search results. Web Design Croydon has the necessary SEO expertise and Technology to make this happen.

Important Notice: For obvious “conflict of interest” reasons we never, ever rent out more than 1 single domain targeting the same area and industry. This gives you the peace of mind that when you rent one of our sites, you are the exclusive owner of area+keyword combination.

Please use the contact form on our Contact Page and we’ll gladly discuss more about our Rent A Site availability.