Web Design And Branding

Web Design and Branding are critical components to success, but are often overlooked by many small businesses.

If you really want to be successful in your industry, whatever it may be, you need to develop a web presence, and with that comes the opportunity to establish yourself within your market, while building brand awareness. Think about the successful businesses in your particular market or industry and you’ll quickly find out they have one thing in common.

Not only have they worked towards developing credibility as an expert in their field, but along with that, they have solidified their place within their industry by building a solid online brand and web presence that is instantly distinguishable and recognized by their target market.

Web Design And Branding

Web Design BrandingA very simple example of this is the “4u brand”. Irrespective of the fact that different companies or businesses are using it, they have used the “4u” as a way to create a brand. The result is that people actually search for the 4u “brand” on the internet. (injurylawyers4u, phones4u, hotels4u etc…) To prove my point, take a look at the screenshot… (This picture shows how many people type the words “4u” in Google every month. These are impressive numbers, don’t you agree?)

Of course you can begin to develop your own brand through a variety of different ways, some of which can help you become an authority figure in just a matter of a few days, while other methods require a little more time, patience and effort.

You’ll discover that as you grow your brand and online presence that your ability to expand your profits will also grow significantly.

It’s a simple formula, people buy from those they know and trust, and the more you can work towards building a solid relationship with your market, the easier it will be to eliminate any skepticism regarding your products or services.

The ideal way to start of your relationship with your customers is by establishing your presence on the web.

In addition to branding yourself through web design, you also need to brand yourself as someone who is knowledgeable about your specific subject. You want to be the one everyone comes to every time someone asks about your type of business or service. (E.g. roofing, gardening, legal help, etc…)

Quick Examples Of Web Design and Branding:

When you think of the Internet’s largest marketplace, what website is instantly in the front of your mind? (Did I hear you say eBay or was that Amazon?)

When you think about hamburgers, what restaurant comes immediately to mind? (Of course you may prefer Burger King, but McDonalds is what you first thought of wasn’t it?)

These are all excellent examples of branding, whether by using slogans, color schemes, quality or exposure as an authority source, these businesses have all established themselves by branding.

So how can you create a brand all your own that is unique, memorable and trusted by your customers?

That’s what Web Design Croydon is all about; showing you exactly how your local business or service can stand out and be different from your competitors through your web presence.

Branding can lead the way to increased leads generation, maximum exposure and a loyal customer’s base.