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We suggest dividing daily amount into two servings If your dehydrator has a suitable meat/fish setting, fish jerky should be ready to serve once the dehydration is complete. Although a relatively small company, All Fish for Dogs is by far the largest manufacturer of fish treats for dogs in Australia. Starting with cleaned and deboned fish, rinse the fish in cold water (optional), and then slice into thin strips/pieces. You can read more about jerky safety via the FSIS. Tuna or Whitefish Chunk Dog Treats Canned fish is my go to “holy cow this is easy” meaty treat to make when I don’t even feel like slicing. It also increases the crunch factor in these treats. “We have also had discussions with the Austrade office in Bangkok. Common protein sources for dehydrated dog treats include chicken, turkey, fish, and fish skins. Finding dehydrated mussels dog treats is easy; there are three brands that offer this healthy treat. Depending on how things pan out with COVID-19, we are hoping to attend a really large trade show in Thailand towards the end of the year to get our foot in the door. We’ve needed to increase manufacturing for extra stock and put on more staff.”. Your dog can add so much to your life, so it’s only fair that you do your very best for him. Although smelly, dehydrated fish is great for dogs – high in Omega 3s, low fat & high protein. Harringtons Low Fat Treats (Turkey) Ingredients: Turkey meal (26%), potato, glycerine, seaweed, oat flour, minerals, cellulose, fruto-oligosacharide Our Fish Treats are 100% fish which is the richest source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, beneficial proteins, amino acids and Vitamin D for your pets’ diet. So delicious! Supports healthy teeth and gums. Best Meat/Fish for Making Dehydrated Dog Treats There are several meat choices for making dehydrated dog treats or jerky. These are essential for your pets’ growth in early development for their muscle, eye, heart and brain development and then later in life for joint support and teeth health. “This is when I began to look for alternative uses for fish and fish waste, and [that] was the beginning of All Fish for Dogs.”. Glen - a fisherman by trade - says the profession is a fairly hard gig at the best of times and he wanted fishermen to be able to sell everything they caught. It is some pretty groundbreaking stuff. Cover the container and place in the refrigerator to marinate, mixing periodically to ensure all the pieces get a nice bath in the marinade. No colours, no additives and no preservatives, just naturally air dried. Remember, treats (bought or homemade) are for spoiling your pup in moderation. Optional: To marinate, combine the marinade ingredients in … Basically we utilise equipment from food manufacturing areas and then need to adapt them for our needs, which is very innovative.”. Due to the natural sweetening process that occurs when dehydrating, use Granny Smith or McIntosh apples. Stinky fishes? My fish treats also tend to be a bit seasonal. Dehydrating meat, fish, or dog-friendly fruits and veggies is an easy way to make healthy homemade dog treats. The larger the pieces, the longer it will take to dehydrate. They are an addicting and healthier alternative to more processed chews. Our dog treats contain NO preservatives, sweeteners, additives, or chemicals, and are handmade in small batches, ensuring control over … Freeze-dried dog treats are flash frozen and dehydrated to keep their flavour, scent, and nutrients in tact. Jerky is a great low fat, easily digestible treat. Manufacturers create these treats by drying protein sources or other materials. , Crunchy DIY Dehydrated Fish Jerky Dog Treats, Limited Ingredient Surf'n'Turf Dog Birthday Cake, DIY Faux Fire Hydrant Garden Pee Post for Dogs. Avoid fish like Tuna. Make some Dehydrated Pumpkin Treats for Dogs with that extra pumpkin that didn't get carved from Halloween. It’s important to keep him in shape through a healthy diet, so that you make the perfect team when you go out into the world to set new We’re proud to supply the finest Jerky, Ideal for all dog sizes and breeds. FREE shipping on orders $49 And we are currently investigating pricing on freight to the US for a customer who has put in an order for 800kg of product,” Glen says. © Copyright 2015-2020 (Present) Dalmatian DIY. 2. making and storing homemade jerky and other dehydrated dog treats, Naturally Green Kale and Herb Gummy Dog Treats, Painting DIY Dalmatian Dog Nesting Dolls (Matryoshka), Using Natural Food Colouring for Homemade Dog Treats, Lean quality firm fish (cleaned, deboned, and thawed, if applicable). We offer 100% all natural liver, tripe, and lung sourced from local Nova Scotia beef and lamb and 100% of our dehydrated treats are free … Fish treats are very attractive high-value goodies for our boys, and homemade dehydrated fish treats take the drool factor to the max. A complementary feed and to be fed as part of a natural raw diet. Bathing or marinating fish with acid causes a protein reaction which lightly “cooks” the flesh, firming the flesh and shifting colour (whiter and more opaque in this case, as we’re using a white fleshed fish). Scale the (optional) marinade ingredient amounts and/or adjust ingredients to suit your fish volume and personal preferences (and dog preferences) on flavours. Whether or not I marinate just depends on timing, really. Oily fish is harder to dehydrate evenly and oily jerky has a higher risk of going rancid (unless frozen). Hungry for more tasty treats? I’ll share my stinky salmon strips with you in a future post. However, if you’re like us and trying to reduce your waste then a dish is a-ok. Having been in the north Queensland commercial fishing industry for 18 years, Glen Murray saw firsthand the amount of waste common practices in his industry produced. Clear Dog Treats boasts the largest selection of natural fish dog treats in Australia, so whether you’re looking for a long-lasting chew or a quick treat, you’re sure to find something your dog … I like to dehydrate fish on a nice day, start early so we have plenty of dry time, and leave the dehydrator plugged in on the patio instead of in the house. “We have found that the big banks are hesitant with new startups, you’ve really got to have points on the board in regards to trading and showing that you’ve got a certain amount of turnover,” Glen says. It was a big thing for us as we were up against some stiff competition. Mmm...cookies! You can buy and freeze until dehydrated, or dehydrate and then freeze. Oily fish, like salmon, have a different finished texture and a much shorter shelf life. 4.8 out of 5 stars 581 $58.50 $ 58 . Dry for 6 – 10 hours until it’s dried all the way through. I’m a-ok with these tasty treats being a little smelly. And fridge space. It’s also nice to be able to put the stinky dehydrator outside in the warmer seasons! Dehydrated fish treats for pets aren't cheap! See our. Instead of throwing them in the bin, we turn them into delicious 100% natural and The best fish to use will depend on your local options and your budget, but I recommend using a lean fish with a nice firm flesh for cutting. It freezes great, lasts for ages, and the dogs enjoy it both straight from the freezer or defrosted in small quantities. Unlike a meat jerky, which I usually prefer to dehydrate plain (although I do occasionally experiment with marinades, just for fun), I sometimes marinate fish before dehydrating. Apples are one of the best dehydrated foods for cost saving dog treats. I've noted approx. Dehydrate according to your specific dehydrator’s settings/instructions for dehydrating meat. There are all sorts of homemade dog treat ideas in our blog archives. Since dehydrator treats store well and freeze great, I like to keep an eye out for sales and take advantage of those when dehydrating treats. Dry the carrots into dog treats at 135 degrees for 2 to 10 hours depending on the thickness of the carrots. Your slices should be less than those on the left - ⅛-1/6" if possible - SUPER Especially in comparison to traditionally made treats, which are typically baked at high temperatures, dehydrated dog treats are highly nutritious and healthy . “This is when I began to look for alternative uses for fish and fish waste, and [that] was the beginning of All Fish for Dogs.” All Fish for Dogs makes dehydrated dog treats and chews, exclusively from fish. Fish are nutritious and delicious, plus there are numerous low(er) purine lean fish options, which is great for moderating purines for our Dalmatians. “By the end of this year we are looking to move into a larger premises, which is purpose built. It stinks, but the dogs don’t mind! It’s resistant for an acid marinade, dishwasher-friendly, and won’t hold on to any smells. These are essential for your pets’ growth in early development for their muscle, eye, heart and brain development and then later in … We offer a great selection of naturally dehydrated fish skins in multiple forms including twirls, sticks and cubes. “We are able to provide sufficient demand for everything fishermen catch, which assists in the industry becoming more commercially viable. I prefer Booster's Mighty Mussels because you get more bang for your buck, which is important when you have four dogs, and I can order them through our local raw food co-op. “We’ve expanded quite rapidly, with sales last year growing by 128%, which is pretty phenomenal in any sort of manufacturing business,” Glen says. Made solely out of dried Icelandic codfish skin. In the past couple of months the business has gone global as such, with exports into South Korea. The fish will shrink as it dehydrates, so upsize for shrinkage if you wish to have larger finished treats. “We’d like to hold that position and have that key spot in the marketplace, which is why we’re looking at upscaling and growing the business,” Glen says. We are doing a joint research project with James Cook University, to look at new products, which currently aren’t in the market. RECIPE DEHYDRATED FISH FOR DOGS I’ve tried my dogs on all kinds of dehydrated fish and they woof it all up If you plan to use canned fish, drain the fish well and make sure to pat the fish dry of any oil or brine from the tin before you dehydrate. Raw Paws Pet Freeze Dried Minnows for Dogs & Cats - USA Fish Dog Treats - All Natural, Single Ingredient Minnow Cat Treats - Raw Freeze Dried Dog Snacks - Grain Free Cat Reward 4.6 out of 5 stars 102 $18.99 $ 18 . I’ve made this jerky many times both plain and marinated since this post was first shared. If you are ever in doubt or have questions about what’s suitable for your pet, have a chat with your trusted vet. Note  that it is recommended to pre-heat meats to ~75C then dehydrate at ~60C. Mix with the prepared fish to ensure thoroughly coated. As dehydration is a low-temperature process, nutrients get extremely well preserved. Blanch the carrot pieces in boiling water until heated through. “The biggest challenge that has come with this is financing the growth. “We upcycle the unused fish, whole fish and the fish waste itself,” Glen says. My basic fish marinade is made with diluted lemon juice and dried parsley. Hello, woofs, and welcome to Dalmatian DIY, furfriends! You can also use use the category and tag labels above/ below this post to find other recipes that might be of interest or use our internal search tools to find something specific. We buy local and use ingredients that pets love, support a healthy lifestyle, but would often make it to landfill because they're considered 'waste'. “We also have a couple of grant applications out at the moment but are still waiting to hear back.”. The fresher the fish, the better the quality of your jerky. It worked! Buy bone free canned fish, break it into chunks with your fingers and toss it onto your dehydrator trays. As with many startups and small- to medium-sized enterprises the biggest challenge All Fish for Dogs has faced has been sourcing capital for expansion. Our Fish Treats are 100% fish which is the richest source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, beneficial proteins, amino acids and Vitamin D for your pets’ diet. “Along with this wastage, there was a time where I ended up with a large amount of queenfish, which isn’t highly sought after for human consumption. Find everything you need in one place. All our dog treats are 100% preservative free and natural, naturally dehydrated, and are made to a gold standard right here in Australia. In January of this year we also received the Cassowary Coast Regions Australia Day Award for Excellence in Innovation. “Looking at export markets, we are really eager to upscale the business and continue to grow to the next phase, which is looking at putting in some modern mechanisations, which is unchartered territory in doing fish treats for dogs. You can read more about. Oli and Humphrey’s favourite dishes! The export market is eager for Australian products, as our reputation is considered Clean, Green, Safe and Trusted.”. I prefer using a glass dish. Obvious ones like chicken and beef, as well as fish, organ meat and more. Here’s how to make DIY dehydrated fish jerky dog treats with optional marinade. Where your dog's health and palate is concerned, they're like the next best thing to fresh dog treats. There are three main problems that All Fish for Dogs is solving: providing nutritional treats for dogs (and cats), boosting commercial viability in the fishing industry and combating environmental and waste issues. Maximise your layout for volume and efficiency, but make sure to allow some space for good air circulation through the racks for efficient and consistent dehydration. Since homemade dog jerky doesn’t use preservatives and isn’t heavily salted like human jerky, it’s more vulnerable to spoilage. Food that has less fat lasts longer as fat can’t be dried and will spoil the food faster, so if you’re planning to store the treats for long term then Fish stick for dogs with one ingredient: pristine wild caught fish skins. Optional: To marinate, combine the marinade ingredients in a non-metallic/non-corrosive dish. Your dog will love them! “In 2018 we won two awards at the Tropical North Queensland Innovation Awards - the Eco Innovation Award and the Overall Proven Innovation Award. There are a variety of jerky recipes on the blog, but a great starting point is the comprehensive post on, For safety, start with a quality lean fish, practice safe food handling, and dehydrate with care using meat appropriate dehydrator settings or oven temperatures. Optional: If pre-heating (see note below), do this after marinating and before dehydrating. Dehydrated dog treats are highly enticing, especially when made of premium meats, poultry or fish. “My wife and co-founder Selena Murray and I are owners of three dogs ourselves and we found that the treats available on the market aren’t as natural as they made out to be,” Glen says. The general rule of thumb is to stick to fish with lower lifespans which have not had the time to build up mercury in their blood. “We are trying to secure funding to expand. However, just to be a little extra safety conscious, you can pop it briefly into a very hot oven after dehydration and before cooling for storage. All Rights Reserved. The fish will shrink as it dehydrates, so upsize for shrinkage if you wish to have larger finished treats. The dog still love them, though! Once ready to dehydrate, arrange the prepared pieces onto the dehydrator tray. Some pets may have special dietary requirements and/or food allergies/intolerances. Buy a great selection of natural fish based dog treats, complete foods, jerky skins, raw foods and biscuits for your pet. Shop Chewy for low prices and the best Fish Flavor Dehydrated Dog Treats! Dehydrated fish is easy, healthy, and doggone irresistible! Starting with cleaned and deboned fish, rinse the fish in cold water (optional), and then slice into thin strips/pieces. Alternatives: Freeze-dried single ingredient salmon and DIY dehydrated fish. For smaller, thin fish, such as anchovies, the drying time is … It’s a little stinky (for my liking – the dogs disagree), but has become of our favourite homemade treats. “At the end of last year, we managed to get into one of the major supermarket chains here nationally, which has been a huge achievement, being able to crack that market.”. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the use of cookies. All ya need is canned tuna or … If you don’t have a dehydrator, you can place your meat on a wire rack over a lined baking tray and use the oven to replicate the function of a dehydrator. 99 ($9.50/Ounce) $38.99 $38.99 However, it's expensive. Crazy Dog Dehydrated Treats, also known as Doggy Crack as they really ARE that addictive for your pooch! Dehydrated Dog Treat Recipes Dehydrated Beef Dog Treats • Slice the lean beef 1/8th of an inch thick • Cut into thin treat size strips • Place on the dehydrator tray with a small gap between each slice • Turn on to 70 degrees and Optional: Transfer the dehydrated fish onto an oven-safe tray and briefly bake at a high temperature (see note below) for safety and/or added crunchiness. The easiest way to marinate jerky (or just about anything really…) is to toss everything into a Ziploc bag. This also means there is less of a need to harvest excessive amounts of fish, which supports the environmental issues we are tackling,” he says. Additionally, as we utilise the whole fish, including the 70% that would usually go to waste, we are able to limit the amount being discarded back into the oceans or into landfill.”. However, it's expensive. The rough fish scales of these crunchy treats remove tartar from the dog’s teeth, improving dental hygiene in the healthiest way possible. All Fish for Dogs makes dehydrated dog treats and chews, exclusively from fish. Comes packaged in 85g bags. Dehydrated Fish are a tasty and crunchy dog treat. Dehydrated Treats. Note Humphrey’s very attentive sous-chef support in the collaged images with the recipe below. Fish helps for a shinier coat as well. We carry a large selection and the top brands like Redbarn, Barkworthies, and more. “Many of them have high levels of additives, preservatives and fillers, rather than a single ingredient, and we wanted to make a more nutritional treat for not only our dogs but other dogs (and cats) too.”. They have however been able to get some funding through various lending institutions. If we can get that all happening in the next six months or so, then the remainder of the year will be looking at getting additional equipment, which has to be adapted and modified to do what we need it to do. They help to ensure that you get the best user experience and support free visitor access to our website. Leaner is better for making the jerky and for handling the finished treats, in our experience. The All Fish for Dogs team are most proud of the awards they have won since they became established in 2014. “We’ve won a few awards now and we are really proud of these accomplishments,” Glen says. “We’ve now gotten over that magical five-year mark, which means we are finally being listened to. If you are storing the dehydrated apples, dehydrate to a dryer and crunchier finish to lock-out moisture. There is a large importer over there who is currently importing New Zealand products, which we would be able to compete with quite competitively. Refer to the safety information and links below. It also smells less fishy… although nowhere near enough to avoid the fishilicious stench of dehydration! Set dehydrator to 135 degrees and about 3-10 hours. Both ways work well, and the dogs don’t seem to have any objections or preferences either way.

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